It’s back! We had a lot of fun with our Valentine Conversation Hearts Candy Counting Contest in February. We thought we’d have some fun with red, white, and blue M&Ms this time. Our July 4th Candy Counting Contest 2017 runs through Wednesday night, July 5, 2017, at midnight. Winners will be notified by email on Thursday, July 6th.

In this edition of the candy counting contest, we’re using regular size milk chocolate M&Ms. We filled a 20-ounce tumbler glass with as many candies as we could to fill it to the brim. Then we counted them twice to verify the number of candies in the glass.

Now it is time to guess the total number of M&Ms in the glass. Give it your best shot. You can only enter once (through the comments section on this post, by email or our Facebook page), so think about your answer carefully! Three $25 gift certificates will go to the top three guesses (one to each winner).

* If there are three correct guesses, those entrants automatically win!

* If there are more than three correct guesses, the winning entrants’ names will be placed into a random drawing.

* If there are one or two correct answers submitted, those entrants automatically win and

* The next closest correct entries, up to no more than a total of 10 entries, will be entered into a random drawing for the remaining gift certificate(s).

Post your guess in the comments section of this post. Please include your first name and last name initial, and where you are from (your state in USA or country).

Comments are moderated so your guess will not be shared until after the end of the contest.

Remember, your guess must be posted by Wednesday night, July 5th, at midnight. Thank you for entering our July 4th Candy Counting Contest 2017. And, thank you for being a Recollections customer. Have fun and good luck!

– Donna Klein